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We Build Custom Web and Mobile Applications

Our team of seasoned professionals combines Lean and Agile methodologies and existing assets to deliver high quality bespoke web and mobile applications. Work with us to make positive change.
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Why choose us

Accelerated Time-to-Market
Leveraging our dedicated teams' experience and efficiency can expedite your product development cycle, helping you reach the market faster.
Deliver excellence
While prioritising speed, we maintain high standards in design and engineering to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience.
Our model allows you to create a bespoke team that is best suited to your needs, and as your needs change, we give you the flexibility to adjust the team to suit your business.
Maximise ROI
By helping you launch earlier, we reduce your cost to market. Our rapid iteration process enables you to learn faster, ensuring that you're systematically creating value.

The process

Strategy and design
Our team of experts work with you to build a cohesive strategy aligned to your business goal. We help you define a long term roadmap, with a realistic MVP that'll help you validate your idea. Then we help you design the full application along with clickable prototypes. This can help you demonstrate your idea, whether to investors to raise for the MVP, or to potential partners.
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2-4 weeks
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MVP build and launch
We build a high quality product using custom code quickly by leveraging our existing boilerplates and infrastructure. We understand the importance for a product to evolve quickly based on user feedback, and our tech stack has been optimised for exactly that, allowing you to iterate and scale quickly to find product market fit.
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6-8 weeks
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Iterate and improve
After releasing the MVP and gaining our first users and product analytics, we need to start iterating based on user feedback. We supply a product team based on your budget and runway, and work with you to run experiments and improve the product.
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From $4,900 per month

Our case studies

What our partners say

Review all on Clutch
Thought & Function’s efforts have been met with positive acclaim. The team is communicative, skilled, and deadline driven. Customers can expect a company that integrates well into the rest of the team.‍
Laurel Gray, Head of Product, Allplants.
Acquired by health heroWhat started as a small app has grown to over 10 million users in the UK. The platform also mitigates needless doctors' appointments by helping users determine if they can treat themselves. With a flexible development plan, Thought&Function continues to augment the internal dev team on new features.
Alfonso Ferrandez, CTO, Doctorlink.
The team showed confidence throughout the project, supporting and accommodating their partner’s unpredictable schedule. Despite this, they did everything possible to meet the deadlines promised at the start of the development. Their work required no third-party changes to go to market.
Sophie Randles, Head of Hardware, Kano Computer
Thanks to their pragmatic approach and long-term strategy, Thought&Function achieved every milestone and delivered a vastly improved product ready to grow. The team was very hardworking and collaborative, embracing the client’s culture and demonstrating a genuine commitment to achieving success.
Niraj Dattani, Founder, NowToVow.
With the new site, the client has been able to grow their business further, recording over 200 registrations and 100-plus purchases in two months. Thought&Function leverages their knowledge and technical expertise to deliver quality results. They’re also proactive in addressing issues and requests.
James Hurley, Co-Founder, Ted's Health
Since Thought&Function took over development, the app’s downloads have increased 1,000x — from 5,000 to 59,000. The team delivers on time and budget, and their communication has improved throughout the project. Moreover, they utilize best practices, and their problem-solving approach stands out.
Florian Branstetter, Founder, Teledoc.

The team

Our experienced team below will collaborate closely with you to build the the right product.
Team member
James has a wealth of experience in software development, product management, and marketing. His 360-degree perspective enables him to help founders achieve their vision.
Team member
Co-founder / CTO
Entrepreneur, solutions architect, and hands-on tech lead. Joel has designed, architected and led the delivery of digital products and solutions in health, wellbeing, marketing and sustainability.
Team member
Product Manager
At T&F, Khadija applies her engineering and entrepreneurial background to turn ideas into actionable digital products. At IBM, she spearheaded impactful projects and earned national recognition. Distinctly, she was selected from 600+ for Entrepreneur First's elite DeFiND cohort.
Team member
Tech Lead
Tech lead with over 15 years of experience leading development teams across a range of sectors and project types including high profile public sector projects and SAAS tools.
Team member
Product Manager
Former creative director in the fashion industry, brings his creative abilities and business acumen to lead product management for a wide range of clients in the health-tech and HR tech industries.
Team member
Tech Lead
Anthony is a Tech Lead with over 7 years experience working as an architect, tech lead and full stack developer. He has extensive experience in the automotive, sustainability, and education industries using a variety of technologies.
Team member
Senior Software Engineer
Marsel is a superstar senior full-stack developer with experience in React (TypeScript), Node.js, Express, Nest.js, Next.js, GraphQL and .Net Framework. He lives in Bali, which we're all very jealous of!
Team member
Senior Software Engineer
Full stack Typescript developer with experience in React, Node, Express, Nest.js, Next.js, GraphQL.
Team member
Founder of UXIS, and partner with T&F. Oleks has had extensive experience designing intuitive user experiences and user interface over the last 10 years.
Team member
QA Tester
Rachael, a Strathmore University Computer Science alum, thrives on software development and data science. With an insatiable curiosity, she expertly balances manual evaluations with automated testing to uphold impeccable software standards.
Team member
Software Engineer
A dynamic engineer with a Master's from Dnipro University of Technology. He's the mastermind behind a healthcare platform that streamlines patient-doctor interactions, from symptoms assessments to securing remote appointments. Alex excels with technologies like .NET Core, Azure, and React.js.
Team member
Senior Software Engineer
Frontend Typescript developer with experience in React, Next.js, GraphQL.
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