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E-commerce website with custom features to enable customers to personalise their vegan meal plan and subscribe. We helped Allplants increase conversion by over 350%.
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AllPlants is a subscription-based plant-based food delivery service that provides delicious and convenient meals to busy vegans and vegetarians. Their target audience are health-conscious individuals who want to enjoy plant-based meals without the hassle of cooking.


AllPlants initially built their e-commerce platform using Shopify. However, the restrictions of the platform began to hinder their business growth. They needed a custom solution that would enable them to make rapid, unrestricted changes to improve conversion and sales. They had a product team but needed frontend development expertise to build a new platform in React and migrate them off Shopify.


Our team included a Tech Lead and 2 Engineers who worked with Allplants over 1.5 years.

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What we did

Thought&Function provided AllPlants with a dedicated team of frontend developers and product managers to help them achieve their goals. Our initial goal was to migrate them off Shopify and build a new frontend in React. We worked closely with their team to understand their business processes and objectives. We then created a roadmap and defined the scope of the project.

During the development process, we installed analytics and ran A/B tests to identify areas for improvement. We improved multiple user journeys with the goal to increase conversion rates. We also built a better meal plan builder and checkout flow.

The Project

The outcome

Our partnership with AllPlants resulted in significant growth in revenue. Within 1.5 years, we helped AllPlants increase their conversion rate by 3.5x. This was achieved through iterative development and continuous improvements to the user journeys.

We also successfully migrated their platform off Shopify within just 3 months. This enabled AllPlants to make rapid, unrestricted changes to improve conversion and sales.

Key Takeaways

Our partnership with AllPlants taught us valuable lessons in running A/B tests and iteratively improving user journeys. We learned that by working closely with the client and their team, we could identify areas for improvement and implement changes that resulted in significant growth in revenue.

Client's testimonial

Thought & Function’s efforts have been met with positive acclaim. The team is communicative, skilled, and deadline driven. Customers can expect a company that integrates well into the rest of the team.

Laurel Gray, Head of Product

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