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Wedding services marketplace that connects service providers, wedding planners, and couples to faciliate a stress free wedding.
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NowToVow, a platform that provides meaningful life experiences through their wedding services marketplace, approached us to develop their platform further. We were recommended by trusted advisors and impressed the client with our approach of taking companies from idea to product market launch. Our passion and interest in their product sealed the deal.


NowToVow approached us with a basic platform and required our assistance in developing it further to provide end-to-end enquiry fulfillment, capture user insights, and enable iterative improvements.


Our team for NowToVow consisted of Joel, who served as the technical lead, Zarah, our lead product manager, and a designer and senior software developer.

Co-founder / CTO
Senior Software Engineer
Product Manager

What we did


We started with a discovery process to assess the systems they already had in place from both a technical and product perspective. Based on our experience, we suggested ways to improve their processes without disrupting what was already working for them.

Experience Design

After establishing the product direction and roadmap, we helped redesign their current application, as well as introduce new interesting concepts such as a social shortlist that incorporates voting, chat, and sharing to allow people to make group decisions.

Social voting designs


After the discovery process, we agreed on how to move forward, and we began the development process very quickly. Throughout the development process, we built various functionalities into the platform. The platform uses JavaScript, mainly leveraging Node.js and React. We also used Redux and a little bit of Next.js. It was built on Sharetribe to facilitate frontend and backend modifications. However, we redeveloped the backend and prepared the platform for migration out of Sharetribe in the future.The platform is a marketplace that allows couples planning a wedding to find and book suppliers. We developed various supply categories and features on top of that. Additionally, we solved a lot of performance issues the platform had throughout the way. We worked alongside their in-house team and mentored and developed their in-house team as well.

The Project

The outcome

We went beyond what we thought we could achieve and ended up reaching all the milestones we had listed. The backend redevelopment is probably the best performing part of their site. It is now ready for a future migration without compromising the features they’ve already built. We thought strategically for the long term instead of building short-term solutions.

We truly cared about what they were doing. We demonstrated a genuine interest in their product and took the extra time to ensure we knew everything. We treated it as our own project and were very committed to its success.

We provided value to NowToVow by taking their input into account and helping them build something in line with their priorities. By understanding their business, strategies, and needs, we made suggestions and took decisions that helped them achieve their goals.

Client's testimonial

Thanks to their pragmatic approach and long-term strategy, Thought&Function achieved every milestone and delivered a vastly improved product ready to grow. The team was very hardworking and collaborative, embracing the client’s culture and demonstrating a genuine commitment to achieving success.

Niraj Dattani, Founder

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