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Ted's Health

UK's first men's health platform facilitating Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The platform offers health monitoring through blood tests, as well as an end to end clinical approval workflow system.
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Thought&Function partnered with Ted's Health to develop a seamless online platform for men seeking Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and other men's health services. By streamlining blood tests, questionnaires, ID verification, and doctor consultations, we enabled Ted's Health to launch their tech-enabled business in just a fraction of the typical 6-12 month development timeline, meeting investor expectations.


Ted's Health founders, lacking technical and product expertise, faced the challenge of building a digital platform to scale their physical products to the market. They wanted to launch quickly to capture the opportunity and meet investor expectations, while most businesses typically take 6-12 months to go from idea to release.


We initially placed the following team to deliver the MVP:

Part time Product Manager

Part time Tech Lead

Part time Founder / Strategist

2 x Full Time Senior Engineers

As the business grew we provided an additional team of around the same size in order to build up tools to support operational activities.

Co-founder / CTO
Product Manager
Tech Lead
Senior Software Engineer

What we did

Thought&Function provided Ted's Health with a dedicated team of tech leads, designers, QA testers, and senior engineers. We followed a well-defined process, divided into five key phases: discovery and strategy, design, MVP development, continuous delivery, and iterative improvements.

By reducing the time to market and providing data insights early, we significantly accelerated Ted's Health's development process and facilitated faster decision-making.

Phase 1: Discovery and Strategy

We began with a thorough discovery phase, learning about Ted's Health's business, objectives, timelines, and existing processes. Using a Miro dashboard (visual), we mapped out the business processes involved in fulfilling orders and identified key areas for improvement.

Phase 2: Design

We created wireframes and high-fidelity designs using Figma (visual) to outline the platform's user experience and interface. These designs were tailored to facilitate an efficient TRT treatment journey, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Wireframe vs High fidelity designs
Full designs for the MVP and beyond

Phase 3: MVP Development

With the design in place, we rapidly developed an MVP, focusing on the website, product, and payment screens to enable initial sales of blood tests. This allowed Ted's Health to start generating revenue and onboard their first customers in just three months, far sooner than the typical 6-12 month development timeline.

Blood test purchase journey

Phase 4: Continuous Delivery

Following the MVP launch, we continued to build out the platform, adding features such as questionnaires, ID verification, and video consultations with doctors. This enabled Ted's Health to move the entire clinical examination process online.

Cumulative tasks completed and managed using Jira

Phase 5: Iterative Improvements

We collaborated with Ted's Health to create new flows for other men's health-related products for symptoms like low testosterone, hair loss, low libido, and erectile dysfunction. Additionally, we integrated analytics using Hotjar and Amplitude, measuring conversion across the customer journey, and identifying bottlenecks and opportunities. These early data insights further reduced the time it took for Ted's Health to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Data analytics dashboard using Amplitude

The Project

The outcome

Within two months, we launched a pilot version of the application. In three months, Ted's Health started taking blood test orders and acquiring their first customers. The platform has since welcomed over 150k visitors, with a consistently rising pipeline of potential customers and conversion rates.

By reducing the typical 6-12 month development timeline, Ted's Health was able to accelerate their growth and secure funds at a valuation more than 10x, thanks to the traction generated by the digital platform.

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Lessons Learned

  1. Launching early and getting customers in the door is crucial for gathering enough data to make use of analytics.
  2. Ensuring sufficient traffic from the moment of launch is pivotal for informed decision-making.

Client's testimonial

With the new site, the client has been able to grow their business further, recording over 200 registrations and 100-plus purchases in two months. Thought&Function leverages their knowledge and technical expertise to deliver quality results. They’re also proactive in addressing issues and requests.

"They’re a one-stop shop for our web development needs."
- James Hurley, Co-Founder, Ted's Health

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