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Telemedicine application for the central European market. The application facilitates video consultations, prescriptions, and health records to make private healthcare accessible.
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Thought&Function collaborated with a digital health company to develop the frontend and backend of their mobile application. The app is a subscription-based SAAS product, geared towards B2B clients in the insurance industry.


The digital health company initially hired us to develop the frontend of their mobile application. Over time, we expanded our involvement and took responsibility of both front and backend development. The main challenge was to take on an existing solution which had technical debt.


Our team consisted of a part-time Tech Lead, part-time Product Manager, part-time Designer, and 1-3 full-time Software Engineers.

Co-founder / CTO
Product Manager
Product Manager
Senior Software Engineer

What we did

We developed the frontend of the digital health company's mobile application using React Native for iOS and Android. We later took over the app's backend development, and managed their infrastructure on AWS. Currently, we develop and manage multiple applications including the patient's mobile app, web app and the doctor's application.

The following illustrates our process when developing the new patient's web application.

How we built their patient's web application

Discovery and Research

We started with discovery to understand what needs to be done. As we have already built the mobile application, the functionality required was clear, so we quickly moved onto the design phase. We conducted initial research to define the visual style.

Defining user journeys and wireframes

At the same time, we put together wireframes of the different user journeys.

Onboarding journey wireframes
Call a GP journey wireframes

Wireframes to finalised mockups

We work with Teledoc to iterate on the wireframes, and when finalised, these are converted into high fidelity designs to be adopted by the developers.


As designs are being completed, we deploy an Agile team to carry out the development work. We work in 2 week sprints, and work closely with the founder of Teledoc to prioritise the backlog.

The Project

The outcome

Since we took over the development, downloads of the mobile application have increased 1,000 times. The digital health company went from 5,000 downloads last year to more than 59,000.

Client's testimonial

"Thought&Function’s team delivers everything we need, from the developer to the product manager to the designer. They follow best practices when solving any problem."

Florian Brandstetter, Founder.

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