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Martech platform allowing brands to run impact driven campaigns that automatically donates to charities and engages with the users.
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ViewsForChange is a marketing platform that allows brands to link their marketing campaigns with a cause or charity. Part of the marketing budget would be donated to the charity, and the user who clicks on the ad receives a notification to inform them of their contribution to the cause.

ViewsForChange had a version of the solution built but the company did not deliver what was needed, so they looked for a new technology partner to help them launch their MVP so they can onboard their first customers.


The challenge is to launch an end-to-end product that can be used by a ready-to-go community, and integrate it with existing platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Google. Additionally, the goal is to release an MVP within two months.


The project was lead by our founder and CTO Joel, accompanied by Sergey, one of our most talented engineers.

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What we did

Signup and Login

We built a 3 step onboarding flow to get brands from sign up to payment.



Set up a campaign

Step 1. Select charity or cause

Step 2. Connect sources and set attribution

On this screen, you can connect to multiple advertising platforms, and decide how much of the budget you'd like to attribute to the cause.

Step 3. Add experience widget

This is the widget that customers see when they click on an Ad. They are able to see the total impact made.

The Project

The outcome

We managed to onboard a team extremely quickly and started working with the designer to deliver the MVP. We managed to launch within 2 months of development, which enabled onboarding of brands. We continued to make enhancements in the following months.

Since our engagement, ViewForChange has pivoted to Impact Marketing Club and raise their first round of investment.

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