Driving results

Honda wanted to introduce financing options across their car range and needed an expert JavaScript team to help them build a finance calculator by extending an existing, complex code base within a short time frame.

Dissolving complexity

As a multinational, Honda’s e-commerce implementation required a complex architecture to serve customers worldwide. Before any code was written, we knew we had to understand the current ecosystem. From custom frameworks, to enterprise level architecture, our team of developers needed to understand the current implementation thoroughly.

This project was made more difficult through tight deadlines, and we knew we had to put our best people on the project, whilst focusing on efficiency and transparency of progress.

On time, to specification

Our combined broad knowledge of web technologies allowed our team to build with confidence without impacting existing features. We were able to deliver on time and to specification, allowing Honda to roll out financing options across the country. We continued to work with Honda on other parts of their website.

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