Transforming the platform

With a combination of top business talent and FTSE 100 companies, Hillgate is a successful recruitment marketplace for companies to find high caliber management consultants. To stand out in this competitive market, Hillgate needed to modernize their product, to better service existing customers as well as seamlessly integrate new global clients.

Rebuilding the vision

After an initial consultation the business opportunities were clear. We strengthened the current product offering to ensure customers could make most use of the platform during the rebuild. We fine-tuned the brand and started putting it to use to engage with new clients on a redesigned marketing site. We rebuilt the platform, using our research discoveries to create a better client and candidate experience across multiple use cases. Our technology built a stable and versatile base on which to extend the functionality to new and exciting features.

A successful exit

After a period of continuous development and support of the new platform. Hillgate was able to secure additional users and partnerships, which ultimately led to a successful exit. They have now completed a buyout from BTG group, a leader in management consultant recruitment.

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We know that delivering enough value to customers is at the core of startup success. We believe that data-driven product decisions create the vehicle to deliver this value and reap the rewards.

Using a best practice approach, adopting the Lean Startup model, and following the iterative Learn, Build, Measure process means we can confidently guide any product along the right path to find market fit.

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